Eric Church Says “I’ll Probably Do It Forever”

Eric Church wearing sunglasses

If you know me, you know Eric Church is one of my favorite artists, ever.

He recently talked about the journey from playing bars and clubs, to selling out arenas and the success that has continued to grow.

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Luckily for us, he’s never calling it quits…

“I would have told you around the Chief record that I was going to retire someday,” he tells “That was the most successful, but weirdest, time I’ve ever had. It’s an odd thing for an artist to go through: when you’re a bar or club act, and you have your lane, and you have your crowd, and then all of the sudden, boom! You’re in arenas.”

Church said that the success was a “tough transition.”

“It’s the songs in between the hits that makes the show special,” he says. “Because I was a bit insecure with all of these people being at the shows all of the sudden, and not knowing exactly why, and not knowing how to entertain to that room. So that was an era that I didn’t love as much, ironically.”

“So, now I’ll tell you that I’ll probably do it forever. ”

One of the best music, not just country, has to offer.

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