Justin Moore’s New Song “Kinda Don’t Care” Is Kinda The Story Of My Life

A man wearing a cowboy hat

Justin Moore is about as authentic as it gets.

“Kinda Don’t Care” is the title track from Moore’s upcoming album and seems like it would hit home for a lot of folks. If you’ve ever tried to eat well, get sleep, go to church and live like a responsible member of society, but also wanted to get drunk and have a great irresponsible time, then Justin Moore has a new song for me and you.

Kinda Don’t Care is slated for release on Aug. 12, with pre-orders for the standard and deluxe versions available beginning July 15.

Justin Moore, Kinda Don’t Care Track Listing:

1. “Robbin’ Trains”
2. “Put Me in a Box”
3. “Kinda Don’t Care”
4. “Hell on a Highway”
5. “Goodbye Back”
6. “You Look Like I Need a Drink”
7. “Somebody Else Will”
8. “Between You and Me”
9. “Got it Good”
10. “Rebel Kids”
11. “More Middle Fingers”
12. “Life in the Livin’”

Deluxe EditionTracks:

13. “Middle Class Money”
14. “Pick Up Lines”
15. “Spendin’ the Night”
16. “When I Get Home”
17. “Amen”