8 New Artists Whose Bandwagons Are Gonna Fill Up Fast

We like to be the first people on a bandwagon, so to speak.

If you follow us at all, you know we post more music from up-and-coming artists than any other outlet. It was time for us to list new artists you need to watch. Not just watch, but run, and jump on that bandwagon.

Those things are gonna fill up fast.

Kelleigh Bannen

We gave Kelleigh’s new EP Cheap Sunglasses a 9/10.  She’s got soul, grit, style and a great attitude that match her powerhouse voice and energy. Once you start listening, you won’t stop.


Muscadine Bloodline

This duo is country music. In every way. If you want foo-foo thrills, bells and whistles – this ain’t it. You want in your face, music from the heart – this duo is it.


Jacob Davis

The guy has that “it” thing you look for. His fan base? Lawd, are they loyal and fierce…


Tara Thompson

Firepower. That’s the first word I think of with Tara. You can’t help but make the Miranda Lambert comparisons when hearing Thompson’s EP Someone To Take Your Place.


Sister C

This trio is a one verse and you’re hooked kinda trio. “Faint of Heart” is a knockout girl power anthem everyone needs to listen to.


Carter Winter

We’ve been fans of Carter for a long time. The sound is unique, in the best way possible. It’s a little old school, a little new school, a little right on time (to take a line from Chris Janson). There’s nobody like Carter on the radio, and his new music filled with hits, and substance. His new album The Whiskey In Me drops July 29th.


Jon Langston

Rowdy. Country. Music. Jon is going to bring the party, but isn’t afraid to slow it down with some true country ballads. He has superstar written all over.


Ryan Hurd

The songwriting. The energy. The totally different sound. The live show. Hurd is the total package. Add on a head of holy-like hair, and you have something special.

Ryan Hurd

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