25 Other Things That “Everybody We Know Does”

“Not everybody likes a Friday night covered in dust / But everybody we know does.”

There is something to be said about the country way of life. It may be a little rough around the edges for some people and it may not make sense to some others. Not everybody loves all those little towns that make up the the fabric of America, but everybody we know does.


Here’s 25 more things that “everybody we know does.”

25. Throws their empties in a truck bed.

24. Works hard 40 hours a week.

23. Knows every word of “Friends In Low Places.”

22. Has a little dirt on their boots.

21. Baits hooks and rips lips.


20. Kills a couple longnecks.

19. Rocks camo like nobody’s business.

18. Opens a car door for a lady.

17. Goes to church on Sunday.

16. Supports the 2nd Amendment.


15. Prefers a little moonlight over candlelight.

14. Passes that guitar around a bonfire.

13. Takes care of their family and friends.

12. Waves to whoever passes them on the road.

11. Lives for those Friday night lights.


10. Drinks whiskey.

9. Leaves their doors unlocked.

8. Slows down for a tractor.

7. Knows every one of their neighbors

6. Makes the county fair a weekend to remember.

5. Stands their ground.

4. Supports the troops.

3. Pulls their own weight.

2. Bleeds red, white and blue.

1. Loves country music.

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