Whiskey Riff Exclusive: A Thousand Horses Give Us A Taste Of Their Tour Bus Playlists

It’s hard enough to agree on the music when it’s just a few of your friends in your car, but imagine 9 musicians on a tour bus. It can get complicated, or so you may think.

That’s the situation for A Thousand Horses right now. They’re rolling 12 deep while on tour with Jason Aldean and although the bus may be crowded, the music is what’s keeping everybody on the same page. We caught up with A Thousand Horses lead singer, Michael Hobby, to give us an inside look at what they’re spinning on the road.

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Is the music on the bus a big part of the tour?

“Yeah we always have a DVD of a concert playing or something from VH1 Classics. We are always listening to music before we go on to get us pumped up.”

What DVD’s are you playing?

“Queen put out this video from a stadium show they did, we’ve had that on recently. Most of them are rock DVD’s because they get us fired up to go into an arena. We had the Rolling Stone for a bit, Foo Fighters is a great one at Wembley. Our guitar tech loves Metallica, so he’ll throw in that, which will get you goin’ too.”

How has your rock influence shaped what’s playing on the bus?

“We actually are fans of all types of music. You get a guitar when you’re young and you go get a Jimi Hendrix album, but my first concert was Alan Jackson, so that’s how I fell in love with music. Having that many people with different influences, you end up hearing some things you’ve never heard before, which is pretty cool.

Our bass player Graham dove right into Greenday and Blink 182 and more punk stuff, and we all grew up with older siblings who listened to everything from country to rock to hip-hop, so we would ride to school with them and end up hearing whatever they were playing.”

Who’s the DJ?

“Zach likes to DJ and he’s pretty spot on so we let him have it and Graham has a killer wake-up morning playlist, which is just a solid way to wake up in the morning.”

What gets you pumped up personally?

“Recently, I’m on an Eagles kick so “Take It Easy” and some Aerosmith too. “Crying” has been on a playlist a lot because everyone loves that song.”

So you guys were not at the Bieber show in Nashville last week then?

“Oh, there has been some Bieber on the bus (laughs) That’s good stuff.”

You can see A Thousand Horses this summer on Jason Aldean’s “Six String Circus Tour” with Thomas Rhett, but in the meantime be sure to check out some of their playlists for a little taste of what gets them fired up.

Check out “A Thousand Horses Weekend Playlist” and see what gets their party going.

(Photo credit: Joseph Llanes)

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