Kip Moore Speaks Out After People That Suck Prove They Can’t Take A Joke

Kip Moore wearing a red helmet and a red bandana holding a microphone

“Either you have a sense of humor or you suck shit.” – @WhiskeyRiff tweet.

I tweeted that yesterday after following this non-story with Kip Moore that resulted in him having to tweet out some explanations. For the record, when we posted this video, we clearly say it’s hilarious and a joke. As a result, Kip retweeted it. We weren’t trying to fool you with some bullshit clickbait title. We said what the video was, something fun.

Blogs out there got a hold of our story and video, posting it as their own, with very obscure, dramatic titles. All they cared about was getting you to click, they don’t expect or care if you actually watch the video. Kip took some heat, then tweeted about it..

A black coffee maker on a counter

If you follow Whiskey Riff, you know we are different. We want to entertain. We also get serious. This was a case of something funny, something I wish more artists did to be frank – connect with the fans. Take it from us, we’ve seen Kip live more times than we can count, each time we hung out with him, and he’s become a guy we admire both for his music, and now a friendship. He’s not conforming with the surroundings, he’s him. That’s why we connected with him to begin with – we’re true to ourselves here, too.

Kip cares about his fans – A LOT. That’s what that video is about. Kip is having fun with a fan. If your sense of humor sucks, then there is no hope for you. And yes, maybe watch a concert with your eyes, not through a camera. How many times have watched your concert videos a week later and said “holy shit, that’s great!” – exactly, you don’t. Get the stick out of your asses people, laugh, and live in the moment.