Apple Can Disable iPhone Cameras At Concerts With New Patent

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Concert enthusiasts that love to take photos and video will not love Apple’s new iPhone patent: they found a way to disable its phones from recording in prohibited areas, such as concerts.

That’s a major buzzkill for a lot of younger concert goers. Many artists, like Kip Moore, have pleaded with fans to put the phones down at times, and live in the moment – this could force the issue. 

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Using infrared data transmission, venues can emit a signal that would be picked up by the phone, preventing the user from recording a music performance, for instance, or a new film at the theater.

That infrared signal would then prevent iPhone users from recording in a certain direction — such as the stage — but would still allow users to take photos with friends, Tech Insider pointed out.

This technology is infinitely useful for concert promoters who’ve tried to dissuade the crowds from recording portions of the show, as cell phone cameras have become commonplace.

“It’s very disturbing when someone proposes technology that would take the power out of the owner or user and hand it to a third party,” Danny O’Brien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation told the news station.
Ultimately, the ability to stop phones from recording is out there, but it’s also not necessarily an upcoming feature. Apple files numerous patents that it doesn’t use, as Tech Insider reported, and this could be one of those patents.

via SF Gate

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