10 Reasons Jacob Davis Needs To Be On Your Radar…NOW.

If you haven’t heard of Jacob Davis yet, now is your chance. He has had the chance to open for artists such as Sam Hunt, Kelsea Ballerini, Lady Antebellum, Old Dominion, and many others. I’m not sure if it is his catchy up beat songs or his good looks, but he is winning fans over at each and every show! To know when he is coming to a town near you make sure to check out his website JacobDavisMusic.com, or his Twitter and Instagram (@jacobdavismusic).

Here are 10 reasons you need him on your radar…

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1. A killer songwriter

Less than a month ago it was announced that Jacob signed a publishing deal with Black River Entertainment! His single “Something To Remember You By” was even featured during the On The Horizon segment of Sirius XM The Highway. He also just signed a record deal with Black River Entertainment.

2. Relatable songs

For any of you guys that grew up in a small town and always dreamed of getting out, give his song Flight Risk a listen and you will see what I mean. The minute I heard this song I knew someone to watch out for.

3. Down to earth

Once you meet him you will feel as though you’ve known him forever. He loves to hang out after the shows to talk and take pictures with the fans. Aside from that, he also knows how to give some amazing hugs.

4. Amazing stage presence

When Jacob is up on stage he looks as though he has been up there for years. He knows how to interact with the crowd and draw you in.

5. His hip shaking

Even when he’s up on stage playing the guitar his hips never stop moving! There is no denying that the man knows what the ladies like.

6. He wrote a song about his daughter

Now if this doesn’t melt your heart, I am not sure what will! Seriously this is a song all parents must listen to. 

7. The band and the bond that they share

They like to have all kinds of fun on their road trips and like to play a round of golf whenever they get the chance. You never know what you will see pop up on Snapchat.

8. Humble and appreciative

Jacob is always thanking the fans for coming out to the show. He’s always saying how he can’t believe everything that the fans do for him and how much their support means to him.

9. He has a Squad unlike any other

These people aren’t just fans. They are a squad. They work together to spread the word about Jacob and they send free CD’s to anyone that asks for them. It is crazy to see so many people from all over group together and promote a particular artist the way they do. Find them on Twitter and Instagram by searching for the @jacobdavissquad and ask them for a free CD!

10. He’s easy on the eyes. I mean just look at him!