23 Reasons A Shower Beer Is Heaven On Earth

A shower beer is one of the best things, ever.

It knows no economic class, race, background. It’s pure freedom. Get your ass in a shower, and drink a beer while you’re in there.

Here are 23 reasons why…


23. It signifies work being over.

22. Science has proven we have better ideas in the shower.

21. Science also has proven that alcohol can make us more creative.


20. Taking showers raises our dopamine levels. That’s good.

19. Can you imagine what the fuck happens when you shower, WITH a beer? Hi, genius.

18. Can you say the most refreshing thing ever?

17. What’s better than being naked?

16. Getting drunk naked (legally).


15. Get your significant other in there, for a drunken shower beer party, and tell me you aren’t in heaven.

14. A shower beer is one of the most American things you can do. Total FREEDOM.


13. You’re doing something totally awesome while you do something totally normal.

12. It tastes better in there, for whatever reason.

11. It makes for a killer Instagram post, or Snapchat. Gets the crowd talkin’…


10. You’ll get some good thinking done while getting clean, and drunk.

9. You’re drinking a beer naked – did I mention that?


8. You’re drinking a beer, you know?

7. It’s the perfect pregame.

6. It makes you happy, not sad.

5. It’s hot and cold in there, kinda cool.


4. If you spill, fuck it, doesn’t matter in there.

3. You drink, you gotta pee? Just keep drinking and peeing. Simple.

2. A shower beer just makes sense. It’s your duty.

1. Most importantly, you DESERVE it.

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