Whiskey Riff Exclusive: Why Parmalee’s “Roots” Was A Song They “Had To Have”

If you’re looking for a hometown anthem to hit you hard, look no further than Parmalee’s new single “Roots.”

As the lead single from Parmalee’s upcoming sophomore album, “Roots” was a song that had a strong connection to the entire band on a personal level.

“A friend of mine played it for me and it just hit me… we had to have this song. I Immediately called the publishers and put it on hold,” says the band’s frontman, Matt Thomas.  

One listen to the song and you’ll know exactly why. It’s a piano led, introspective anthem about how our upbringing shapes the way we approach life as adults. No matter where we are in the world, we can’t escape the place we came from. As someone who grew up in small town Illinois and now lives in Chicago, this couldn’t be more true.

“I related to every line in that song. I just reminds me of how I grew up.”

Parmalee wasn’t holding anything back when it came to choosing a lead single for the upcoming album.

“I didn’t look at this as an album thing, I looked at it as we really love this song and I think it’s time to put out this song. It’s the best song we have.”

According to Matt, they are wrapping up the full album shortly and will be releasing it later this year.

Click here to download “Roots” on iTunes.

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