All Access: A Whiskey Riff Exclusive Interview with Muscadine Bloodline

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Introducing one of country’s newest duos: Muscadine Bloodline. Charlie Muncaster & Gary Stanton of Mobile, Alabama moved to Nashville 2015 and officially became Muscadine Bloodline December 10th, 2015. Since then, they have been putting in some serious work by releasing two singles “Southern Boy Cure” and “Porch Swing Angel”. “Porch Swing Angel” landed in the 40’s on iTunes Country charts. That’s pretty damn good for a brand new independent duo. The guys have gone full speed ahead in just the few months they’ve officially been a duo. From a full show schedule, launching a website ( complete with a merch store and opening for the likes of Corey Smith, Brothers Osborne, Josh Thompson, Eli Young Band, David Allen Coe and Jon Langston.

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You guys started out as solo artists, both releasing EPs on your own. What made you come together and form a duo?

It was sort of miraculous. Neither of us had intentions of ever being in a duo. We gig swapped in our hometown and opened for each other when the other needed an opener. We played a few shows and wrote together, it sounded great, and people really liked it. People helped convinced us to come together. We’ve progressed farther as a duo in 5 months than either of us as a solo artist combined in 5 years. We’re still sort of amazed.

Where did the name Muscadine Bloodline come from?

We were thinking of band names for a good while and we had a lot of different ideas. One day it just hit us working names out. It’s a southern heritage name. It’s a little bit of a tongue twister but we like it and it’s different.

Do you guys plan on going full band?

Definitely. You need to have a full band backing you up. First we’re going to do a three piece by adding a Cajon.

How does it feel to have been voted by the public for a slot at Toadlick Music Fest?

That was another shocker, we are pretty jacked about that. It’s awesome that our fans helped us with it.

What is it like being bandmates and roommates?

It’s not as hard as you’d think. We’ve only had a handful of shouting matches. We’re in a band together and running a business so it’s convenient to be in the same place. But we’re best friends too.

What is 65 South and what is your role in it?

65 South is a clothing line that is uniting Alabama’s local music while pushing a brand that us, Murphy Elmore, and Riley Green are the face of and promote. It’s a brand that promotes Alabama which is where we’re from and take pride in. They put on shows that the three of us are a part of.

What are you guys working on right now and what is coming next?

There is one more single coming out in June called “Shut Your Mouth” that there will also be a full video for. We are also deciding if we want to put out a 5 or 6 song EP or a full length 10 song record. We just want our music out.


Their current single Porch Swing Angel draws you in and captivates you with its stripped down sound full of raw emotion. These guys harmonize like I’ve never heard before. This is the type of song that if it was playing in the background would catch your attention and make you crank it. Guys will relate to the song by wanting to confess feelings to a girl and the ladies will want to be someone’s porch swing angel.

If you get a chance to see Muscadine Bloodline perform, don’t pass it up. They have a very busy show schedule and don’t disappoint. Keep up with the guys on their official Twitter, Instagram, and snapchat at @muscadinebline. Check out for their show schedule, info, and their sweet new merch.

Charlie sure can pick a hat can’t he?

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