Whiskey Riff Exclusive: Levi Hummon’s Guts Glory Road Trip & Snapchat Takeover

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Last week, Levi Hummon took over our Snapchat in New York City. This is what happened.

If you’re not familiar with Levi Hummon, he is the next big thing from Big Machine Label Group. He is currently wrapping up five-week Guts Glory Road Trip in collaboration with Ram Trucks. He’s been sharing his new music, sharing stories and even giving back to some of the local communities. He also had a little fun with our Snapchat account.

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What is your favorite part of New York?

“Not the subway, I’m scared of the subway, (laughs) but Central Park is beautiful.”

Are you actually touring the country in a Ram?

“From Nashville to Seattle, for example, we flew, but we have done some road trips too. We drove from Austin to Nashville and from Minneapolis to Detroit, but every city we’ve stopped in they give us a Ram 1500 to drive around in, which has been awesome.”

How did the Guts Glory Road Trip come about?

“I wrote a song called “Guts & Glory” after watching a Ram commercial. The next day I got together with Tom Douglas and Travis Hill and we wrote it in about 30 minutes. Big Machine sent it to Ram and they called us right away to partner in someway.”

“So we designed a five-week tour and even did things in Austin like deliver 700 lbs of food to the food bank and about 11,ooo lbs of water in the Flint, Michigan area. I also opened up for Billy Currington and a few others. It’s been really cool.”

Tell us about the new EP.

“One of the more important things for me with this EP was to release some up-tempo, roll down your window and drive type of songs. One is on Sirius XM and two others on Radio Disney, so each song is kind of living its own life. We’ll probably come out with a single after the Guts Glory tour ends, once we get a feel for how the fans are responding to them.”

What was it like to work with Steven Tyler?

“He is awesome. My publisher goes way back with him and he played a song I wrote called “Red, White & You” for Steven and he wanted to record it immediately. I drove over to the studio right away, way too fast, (laughs) and spent 12 hours hanging out with him and it just blew my mind. Hearing that voice on my song was just amazing.”

What’s next?

“We’re going to be releasing webisodes from the tour, along with a video for Guts & Glory right after Memorial Day. I’ll also be playing a few different sets at CMA Fest and then hitting up some fairs and festivals this summer.”

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

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