22 Stages Of A Drunk Brunch

There may not be any two words in the English language I like more than “day drinking.”

Aside from being the best thing ever, it’s…well, it’s the greatest thing ever. Those drunk brunches start slow, but end up being some of the most fun you’ll ever have.

The stages ones goes through are as follows…


22. One mimosa.

21. Two mimosa.

20. Three mimosa.

19. Four.

18. Ok, I need to eat.

17. Five mimosa.


16. Shot of something we shouldn’t do a shot of.

15. Let me mix this mimosa binge with some Bloody Mary.

14. My stomach hurts.

13. It’s so bright outside.

12. We should go to that bar we haven’t gone to in like 6 years?

11. Everyone loves the idea.

10. We’re having the time of our lives. Literally, the best time ever we believe.

9. One more shot.

8. Chug water.

7. Wow, it’s bright outside.

6. Hey we should all make a vacation or trip plans we know we’ll never do together.

5. How is it only 3pm?


4. So tired.

3. One beer.

2. One more shot.

1. Good night.