Aaron Einhouse’s “It Ain’t Pretty” Is Your New Soundtrack To Real Life

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Meet Aaron Einhouse.

Einhouse is a hard-nosed, Texas country singer who has managed to create quite a following despite having no manager, label, publicist, booking agent or radio play…. until now.

His new album, It Ain’t Pretty is an authentic commentary on the ups and downs of this crazy little thing called life. His refreshingly honest approach to songwriting, combined with his gritty voice, make Einshouse a must listen for anyone who is a fan of a good ol’ fashioned sad country song. Think Sturgill Simpson with a Texas twist in the vein of Reckless Kelly.

The album covers a range of topics from love and loss to days on the road and advice from mom. In words of Einhouse, “It’s more about how life isn’t always the fairy tale you hear about in songs and stories.” It’s deep, it makes you think and it hits home for anyone who lives in the real world, away from some of the fantasies of country radio.

My recommendation is to pour yourself a glass or two of whiskey, kick back and just let it play.

Click here to download “It Ain’t Pretty” on itunes.