56 Things To Thank Your Mom For

Let’s be real – every day is Mother’s Day.

We live these busy lives and we forget about what really matters at times, like the ones we love. Don’t just show your mom the love this Sunday – show her that love every day, and thank her.

To start, here are 56 things you can thank her for…


56. Thank you for giving birth to me.

55. Thank you for cleaning my poo.

54. Thank you for buying me toys when you took me with to the store.

53. Thank you for scaring me by going for the wooden spoon.

52. Thank you for telling me “good job” even when I sucked at something

51. Thank you for wiping my nose, ass, face.

50. Thank you for tying my shoes.

49. Thank you for washing my clothes and washing the dishes.

48. Thank you for cooking for me and the family.

47. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes.

46. Thank you for driving me to school every day until I got my license, or telling my ass to walk.

45. Thank you for not just cooking, but being a great cook.

44. Thank you for watching my basketball and football games, even though you had no idea what was happening.

43. Thank you for taking care of me every single day.

42. Thank you for letting me and the friends make a mess at the house.

41. Thank you for giving me advice and listening to me vent.

40. Thank you for being strong during tough times.

39. Thank you for letting me look like an NSYNC member in middle school.

38. Thank you for also letting me look like a Euro soccer player with my Adidas breakaway pants.

37. Thank you for teaching me how to be honest.

36. Thank you for telling me I am the best looking.

35. Thank you for motivating.

34. Thank you for never giving up on me.

33. Thank you for being protective.

32. Thank you for understanding me without me having to say a word.

31. Thank you for knowing what is best for me.

30. Thank you for giving me space when I needed it.

29. Thank you for yelling at me when I messed up.

28. Thank you for encouraging me when I’ve done something right.

27. Thank you for putting up with me.

26. Thank you for inspiring me.

25. Thank you for forgiving me and teaching me how to forgive.

24. Thank you for teaching me how to respect others.

23. Thank you for instilling family values in me.

22. Thank you for teaching me beauty comes from within.

21. Thank you for teaching me how to give and share.

20. Thank you for showering me with your hugs and kisses.

19. Thank you for challenging me.

18. Thank you for the home remedies when I was sick.

17. Thank you for playing every role: mother, best friend, sister, doctor, mentor, etc.

16. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made.

15. Thank you for force feeding me.

14. Thank you for giving great relationship advice.

13. Thank you for doing your best to make me happy.

12. Thank you for your best attempts at cutting my hair back in the day.

11. Thank you for not pressuring me into certain school activities and letting me do what I wanted.

10. Thank you for not telling Dad certain things.

9. Thank you for loving me more than you love yourself.

8. Thank you for the way you embody grace, love, humility, kindness and selflessness.

7. Thank you for always assuming I am cold, and making me put on a jacket or blanket.

6. Thank you for teaching me the beauties of coffee.

5. Thank you for your time and unconditional love.

4. Thank you for teaching me what love means.

3. Thank you for working around the clock and never complaining.

2. Thank you for all the things you do.

1. Thank you for being you.