Kelsea Ballerini Talks “Peter Pan,” Awards, And Social Media With Whiskey Riff

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Kelsea Ballerini has taken the country world by storm.

She’s one of the artists at the forefront of the new wave of talent – creating her own sound, her own message, and building an extremely passionate fan base.

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We’re seeing a lot of fans talking about “Peter Pan” on social media so I asked Kelsea why she thought this song was causing such a strong connection with listeners. She explained, “I think it’s so different from what they’ve heard from me so far. And every girl has met a guy that just can’t grow up.” Yeah, I think she’s right about that one…

In case you missed it, Kelsea won the ACM for New Female Vocalist. How did she react? “I cried and then texted everyone I’ve ever met!”

The new single “Peter Pan” comes across as very much “alive” and “real” – one has to wonder if there is a personal connection for Kelsea and the writers as the writing process took place. She told me, “I think everyone has been in a relationship where one person has been more emotionally involved, so yes, I definitely have been in that place.”

So, what has been the craziest or most heartfelt response Kelsea has seen regarding “Peter Pan”? “Someone had the lyrics tattooed on their arm.”

Now that’s dedication.

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