13 Times Frankie Ballard Defined The Word “Cool”

If you were to look up the definition of “cool” in the dictionary, it would just show a picture of Frankie Ballard. From his style and charisma to his on-stage face melting ability, Frankie is in a league of his own.

Every time you think you’re cool, just remember you are no Frankie Ballard and then try harder. Here are the 13 times Frankie was the definition of “cool.”

1. That time he wrote an entire album….in his head.


2. That time he stepped off a plane like a president or something.


3. That time he popped his collar on a Triumph and every woman on set fainted.


4. That time he knew that he nailed it.


5. That time he rocked the coolest suit known to man.


6. That time he reminded us all that America freakin’ rocks!


7. That time he said “James Dean who?”


8. That time he took down Maverick, Goose, Iceman, Viper and Jester in a dogfight….at the same time.


9. That time he rode out west and liberated the people of a tiny village in Mexico.


10. That time he coined the phrase “Don’t believe me, just watch.”


11. That time he brought back Hawaiian shirts.


12. That time he told a joke about the pencil….but there was no point.

13. That time he took a beer from the crowd and poured it on himself just to cool off at Windy City Lake Shake.

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