Pitbull To Appear On New Keith Urban Song

Ripcord, Keith Urban’s new album, will be released on May 6th.

He just premiered his new song, “Wasted Time,” but everyone is talking about a collaboration on the album. Pitbull will be featured on the song, “Sun Don’t Let Me Down.” If you follow us on Twitter, @WhiskeyRiff, you know I’ve talked a little shit about Pitbull here and there – all in good fun, I guess?


Urban said that Pitbull ‘brings a mischievous, sexy swagger to [the song], in a very different way.” Right, right, right. I just can’t see Keith on stage shredding as a white-suited, sockless, Pitbull gyrates on stage around 16 Brazilian models.


I guess we’ll just have to let this one play out.

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