11 Ways Cole Swindell Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Dating

Cole Swindell wearing a hat

Country music is known for storytelling.

More specifically, country music is known for its stories about love and heartache. That being said, we can always learn a thing or two from the music we love and after a listen through of Cole Swindell’s debut album the other day, I noticed some valuable love lessons that you can put into practice in your dating situation.

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1. Get rid of your friends so you can turn up the romance. If you want some alone time, that’s exactly what you need to be. Alone.

“So what you say you leave your friends with mine?”

2. If you are interested, you should probably just open your mouth.

“Hey ya’ll.”

3. Don’t waste good booze on a failed relationship.

“Baby you ain’t worth the whiskey.”

A person holding a trophy

4. This one is simple. Find somebody that genuinely just wants you.

“All it ever comes down to, is girl I just want you.”

5. Everyone gets a little lonely at times. You only stay lonely if you don’t do something about it.

“Let me know girl I’ve already left. If you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’ let’s mix it up, you got my number baby hit me up, if you need a little late night pick me up, I, hope you get lonely tonight.”

6. Chillin’ it > Netflix and chill.

“I got my shades on, top back, rolling with the music jacked, one on the wheel, one around you baby. I love rocking with you when, girl, we’re just chilling it.”

A person holding a trophy

7. Always be prepared.

“But I got a dozen roses if she comes back home, and a six pack if she don’t.”

8. Don’t let anyone come between you and your friends.

“No, ain’t nothing ever gonna come between us. Like me and my down home boys.”

9. Date night is important. Do it right.

“Yeah right fifty bucks a piece, it’s pretty steep for a guy like me. But it’s worth it baby just to see your eyes light up tonight.”

10. Having a few drinks might help your game…. But too many could kill it.

“Everybody’s working out doing twelve ounce curls. Boys buzzing, hung up on all the country girls, Fishing for the line that’ll kick her heart into gear.”

“A little hungover headache, sun coming up. Got her number, no name, can’t remember what it was.”

11. When in doubt, always let her get up on your shoulders.

“And get up, get up, get up on my shoulders. Here, take my koozie so your can stays colder. Be my country song sing-along beer holder.” 

A person holding a trophy

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock