5 Reasons Why Hot Country Knights Was The Greatest Country Band Of The ’90s

Get ready because I’m about to drop a truth bomb on your ass.

Hot Country Knights was, hands down, no exceptions, without question, the undisputed, greatest country band of the ’90s.

Here’s why:

1. The music

“Chattahoochee,” “Watermelon Crawl,” “My Maria,” “Dust On The Bottle”… these guys can flat out play.

You name it, they’ll play it.

2. The style

Part of being a country rockstar is looking the part. These boys knew a thing or two about putting on clothes. Just long enough for the ladies to rip ’em off.


3. The swagger

Frontman, “Big Rhythm” Doug Douglason was a beast. Told that Jerks Gentley guy right where to stick it. Zero f*cks given.

11863223_1664867973725014_8125278694671085866_n (1)

4. The dance moves

Did you see those synchronized pelvic thrusts? Thing of beauty.

giphy (12)

5. The Crew

Aside from the band members themselves, Hot Country Knights rolled with some of the baddest in the business back then, including, but not limited to:

Dallas Houston

Hot Country Knights Reunion Show  Dierks Bentley cover band    YouTube

Ronnie Bunns


Shelby Shelton

Miranda and Dierks sing as their 90 s alter egos   YouTube

Rusty Van Ricky

Hot Country Knights Reunion Show  Dierks Bentley cover band    YouTube

This guy (who actually went on to become Kip Moore)


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