42 Thoughts I Had The First Time I Listened To Granger Smith’s New Album “Remington”

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What a major label debut from Granger Smith.

Remington is Granger Smith’s first project under the major label umbrella of Broken Bow Records and it sure didn’t disappoint. Granger’s smooth twang is just flat out easy to love. Every track on Remington sounds like it could be a number one single, regardless of the topic. Whether it is a love song, party song, small town anthem or heavy hitter like “5 More Minutes,” Granger is able to speak straight to your soul and make it sound really damn good. You might as well call it “Granger Smith’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1.”

I sat down, played every song and wrote down what I was thinking while I listened to it. Here it goes:

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1. I love this song, so glad it went number one.

2. Ooooh ooohhhh oooooohhhhh

3. Granger is so feel good.

4. I need a backroad drive.

5. Not sure about the last time I actually drove a car.

6. That’s Chicago livin’ for ya.

7. This is rocking.

8. Every song ever should have a guitar solo.

9. Or two.

10. His voice is so smooth.

11. Helluva title track.

12. The bridge is fire.

13. Girls around here aren’t looking for Remingtons that’s for sure.

14. Current single.

15. Love those whoas and oohs.

16. Country Cinderella, I dig it.

17. This my hometown.

18. Shoutout to Amboy, Illinois.

19. Drums sound so patriotic.

20. Straight pheromones.

21. Duet with Brooke Eden? You have my attention.

22. “Crazy bout Strait singing damn near anything” – Love that!

23. Damn Brook has some pipes.

24. Likin’ Love Songs is so clever.

25. Hate most of ‘em lately.

26. This has number one all over it.

27. Repeat.

28. This is beautiful.

29. Real. Country. Music.

30. I should probably call my dad.

31. This reminds me of that echo rock song from a long time ago.

32. Well not really.

33. Kind of.

34. Something about this is just relaxing.

35. Piano intro. Love it.

36. This is another gut check.

37. I’ve really lost someone that close to me.

38. Blessed.

39. Earl Dibbles Jr. time.

40. He cracks me up.

41. Yee Yee.

42. ‘Merica.

Click here to download Remington on iTunes

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