5 Of The Craziest Alcoholic Drinks From Your New Favorite Mixologist

I always thought I would be a good bartender.

I like making people laugh, I like all kinds of alcohol, I’m creative. I mean, that covers it, no? You can teach a chimpanzee to make a Manhattan, but you can’t teach genius.

Here’s how my drink menu shakes out…

Fried Tequila

Cube angel food cake, soak in tequila, deep fry, powdered sugar. Fucking unbelievable. Get fat and drunk so fast.


Vodka Soda with Emergen-C

A little dehydrated? A little sick? Still want to get drunk? Vodka + soda water + your favorite Emergen-C. You’re gonna look like a total asshole making this at the bar.


Kombucha Mule

If you’re into Kombucha, this is the perfect hippie drink for you. Just add vodka, and a lime wedge. 


Rum Float

Coconut gelato, topped with your favorite rum. I don’t know if I should eat it or make love to it.


Grape Pedialyte and Vodka

You really want to be a degenerate? Make sure you can drink on day 4 of a bender weekend? This is what you need. 

As your liver is deteriorating, internal bleeding likely, this drink makes you feel over the moon good.