The Beauties Of Growing Up With Older Sisters

As a guy growing up with two older sisters, I’ve realized you learn much more than words can ever express.

6a00d8341ffd1053ef014e892248d8970d-500wiWhen you’re young, sure, it seemingly “sucks.” Hair is everywhere. Everywhere. And, you may not have the sibling to play sports with, roughhouse with, do things stupid trouble making boys do.

But as time goes on, you learn things. You pick up on things. Most importantly you learn about women. You learn how to treat them, and how not to treat them. How to push buttons, and how to run away, FAST, when you’ve said the wrong thing.

You learn that an outburst at the wrong time of the month doesn’t mean they hate you, it just means, well, you know.

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You learn that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen. You learn about hard work, because as we know, women get shafted in the business world. Because of their advice, you learn more about yourself, and the type of girl you’re supposed to end up with – the qualities you need in your life from a partner. The sisters see this, when you may not.

They’re going to tell it like it is, from a much more emotional level, which is unbelievably helpful. It doesn’t matter if they are offering their opinions on your career, significant other, or outfit – what they say carries serious weight.

When they call you out, listen. Listen closely and thank them later.

To my sisters, thanks.

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