Joey Feek Says Her Final Goodbyes, Gives One Last Kiss

Rory updated fans on the condition of his wife Joey in a recent post.

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This heartbreaking story brings me to tears every time I read the updates. With Joey’s condition worsening, Rory provided the following…

“The hospice nurse came again this morning and said Joey will most-likely only be with us for a few more days… at the most,” he shared.

Joey also said goodbye to her daughters.

“There were lots of tears as she explained to each one how much she loved them and that she was going to be going home soon. That her time here was done and she was going to go to sleep soon.”

“I set our little Indy on Joey’s lap and we all cried with my wife as she told her how much her mama loved her and, ‘…you be a big girl for your papa… and that mama will be watching over you.’  And then she pulled Indiana up and she kissed her. One last kiss.”

Rory concluded…

“And thank you to all who have followed my wife’s beautiful journey. Who are still following. Though our hearts are heavy we all need to do our best to remember that this is not the end. It’s only the beginning. When Joey takes her last breath here… she will take her first breath there. In Heaven.”

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A beer bottle on a dock