4 Dating Lessons You Can Learn From Sam Hunt’s Single – “Make You Miss Me”

Sam Hunt’s current single is the slightly spiteful “Make You Miss Me.”

Breakups are tough and music is generally an outlet for both sides to identify with. Whether in joy or sorrow, music speaks to our souls during the most trying situations in life. Sam’s new single echos the thoughts and words that many of us have spoken after someone broke it off with us, i.e. “I’m gonna make you person miss me.”

Here’s 4 things we can glean from it:

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1. People can be indecisive.

“Heavy into everything, Ready for the next thing, Catch a ride for a while then you’re over it, You change your mind on it”

Sometimes someone can’t make up their mind. We live in a world where we are constantly stimulated by our phones and other technology, which makes it hard to do anything for more than a few seconds. Unfortunately, it translates into the dating world as well. Apps like Tinder are always going to have a thousand new people at your fingertips. Get rid of it.

2. It can be tough to let someone in.

“You’re cold and hot, You burn out like a match, Keep a slip knot in the strings you attach”

Some people are hard to get close to. Regardless of their reasons, it can be frustrating if you’re really into someone that is so guarded. On the flip side, it’s also tough to be that self-saboteur who pulls away before you have the chance to get close to someone. Remind yourself to be patient. If it’s meant to be it’ll all fall into place.

3. Sometimes it’s more about us than them.

“I ain’t gonna be that easy to leave, Girl I’m gonna make you miss me”

Breakups can be more about our own egos than actually missing the other person. If you really want your ex to miss you out of spite and don’t necessarily miss them yourself, you should just probably let it go.

4. Regret happens.

“Writing letters that you’re never gonna mail, Stay up and paint my favorite shade of red on your nails, ‘Cause you can’t fall asleep and you’re wishing you were with me”

I kind of hate the phrase “no regrets.” I understand that life is full of teaching points and at times, they can be a difficult pill to swallow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t regret it. If you wronged someone and want them back or broke up with someone and regret it, that is perfectly fine. On the other hand, if you dated a terrible person and regret ever dating them in the first place, that’s valid as well. Sh*t happens, if you don’t regret anything, you’ve never tried anything.

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