6 Ways To Get Drunk Without A Drop Of Alcohol According To Country Music

We’ve all been there.

That moment where you meet someone that’s a total game changer. Someone who makes you feel like a complete fool, in the best possible way. When you can get a buzz on a kiss, dizzy with a glance or go weak at the knees with a touch, you’re love drunk and it’s a term country music is very familiar with.


Here’s six ways you can get drunk on love without touching a drop of alcohol.

1. On a kiss.

“Must be something in her lipstick // Got me this messed up just off her kiss”

-Tyler Farr: “Ain’t Even Drinkin”

2. On summertime.

“Hey, I’m a little drunk on you // And high on summertime”

– Luke Bryan: “Drunk On You”

3. On love.

“I woke up, up still drunk, drunk // On your love, love, on your love, love”

-Brett Eldredge: “Drunk On Your Love”

4. On that look.

Hop on out and let the tailgate fall // Get drunk on you with no alcohol”

-Thomas Rhett: “Make Me Wanna”

5. On affection.

“You’re as sweet as strawberry wine // And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time”

-Chris Stapleton – “Tennessee Whiskey”

6. On sexy time.

“Sparks flying in her eyes like lighters  // Get a little higher”

-Florida Georgia Line: “Sippin’ On Fire”