Exclusive Interview: Meet LANco – One Of Country’s Most Electrifying New Acts

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In the world of country music, the solo artist reigns king.

Enter LANco. Short for Lancaster and Company, LANco is a full blown band, in every sense of the word consisting of Brandon Lancaster, Tripp Howell, Eric Steedly, Jared Hampton and Chandler Baldwin. Essentially a garage band from Nashville TN, LANco has managed to pool a number of individual influences and create a sound that is 100% their own.

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“One question we always get, which is clearly geared for solo artists, is who are your influences? Well there is 5 of us, which means there is five different people with five different lives and five different music libraries that we grew up on.”

Growing up listening to everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC to Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn, you can get an idea of where the guys found their rocking country sound. They also cite Kenny Chesney and Eric Church as a few of their more recent influences.

“I would say take your iPod and look at your J’s… a millennial will have Johnny Cash, Jay-Z, Justin Moore, Justin Timberlake etc.. so there are really all kinds of music we listen to.”

Their upcoming album was produced by the legendary Jay Joyce, the man behind the unique sounds of Eric Church, Little Big Town, Brothers Osborne as well as non-country artists like Cage The Elephant. In bizarre twist of fate, LANco frontman Brandon Lancaster met Jay at the Bridgstone Arena while selling hot dogs at the concession stand and jumped on the opportunity to chat with him.

“Jay Joyce is the kind of guy that lives in the studio so when I saw him, I did a double take, but I just approached him as a fan of his work and we talked for a bit. He eventually asked what I did and the rest is history.”

“I just basically asked him what should we do next and he said work as hard as you can to create your own sound and then hit the road and take your sound to the people.”

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

And that’s exactly what they are going to do this year.

“We are just trying to play everywhere this year. We are doing a ton of festivals on the LiveNation tour and we will also be doing Lollapalooza here in Chicago, which has only had 4 country acts, so we’re honored and excited to be doing that.”

Things are just getting started for LANco but the future is bright and rightfully so. Their unique sound, combined an amazing live show are just two of the reasons LANco should be on your radar, but the rest of the the country music world is taking notice as well. Rolling Stone Country named them one of the 10 artists you “need to know” for February and they also made Spotify’s “16 for 16” list of breakout stars this year.

And the guys are taking it in stride.

“A big moment for us recently was when we played New Year’s in Nashville and really had no idea what to expect as the opener, for the opener, for the opener” Brandon laughs, “but we walked out to 150,000 people, just as far as the eye could see, and that’s when you turn around and say guys I think it’s working.”

Check out LANco’s brand new single “Long Live Tonight”

For more information visit lancomusic.com

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