Introducing Logan Brill: A Little Bit Of Everything & A Whole Lotta Awesome

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If you like Ashley Monroe, Kacey Musgraves, or Miranda Lambert, you need to check out Logan Brill.

The East Tennessee native has been making noise in Nashville after the release of her sophomore album Shuteye. The incredibly versatile singer/songwriter ranges from gritty blues (Shut Eye) to country (Far Cry from You) to roots (Tupelo) to the stylings of classic country ballads (Wish You Loved Me).

“Recording my first record, Walking Wires, was enormously rewarding, but it presented me with a pretty steep learning curve,” says Logan. “When I began to work on Shut Eye, I had a much stronger sense of myself as an artist, and I built a collection of songs—a little blues and Americana and a lot of country and rock—that would reflect my tastes, demonstrate my growth and evolution as an artist, and get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor.”

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Following her move to Nashville at the age of 18, Logan began to cultivate her skills as a composer and songwriter.

“I developed an interest in crafting my own songs, from the bones up, and I started co-writing with other artists around town,” says Logan. “I really came to love the process of sitting in a room with another writer, exchanging ideas, and collaborating on creating a whole that’s much more than the sum of its parts.”

Check out her sassy new video – “World Still Round.”

Download Logan Brill’s sophomore album Shuteye on iTunes.

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