You Won’t Believe These 17 Movies Turn 20 This Year

Man, do I feel old.

I’m only 27, but can remember buying the Space Jam tape like it was yesterday. I was jacked out of my mind about this. Well, I found out that movie turned 20 years old this year. TWENTY.

Yeah, what the shit, I know. I did some digging and found out these movies ALL turn 20 this year. Get ready to feel old, guys.


17. Space Jam

16. The Cable Guy

15. Fargo

14. Happy Gilmore

13. Independence Day


12. The Nutty Professor

11. James and the Giant Peach

10. Swingers

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9. Jerry Maguire

8. Sling Blade

7. Kingpin

6. Matilda

5. Tin Cup

4. Twister

3. Mission: Impossible

2. Romeo + Juliet


1. Scream