This Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You

Manny the cat loves to take selfies, or at least fondle GoPro cameras.

According to Instagram user @yoremahm, Manny learned to use the camera by chance when it reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day. Now, Manny’s selfies have become an Internet sensation.

“He is the boss of the dogs,” @yoremahm told Love Meow, referring to the pack of pooches in the background of many of the shots.

Cat is pretty gangster.

manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-1 manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-4 manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-9 manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-11 manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-13 manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-14 manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-15 manny-cat-takes-selfies-dogs-gopro-16

via Bored Panda

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