Cop Sings National Anthem When Singer Doesn’t Show, Entire Stadium Gets Goosebumps

Singer Leslie Dorchester was set to deliver the National Anthem before a packed house at the West Virginia-Kansas game last Tuesday.

However, Dorchester’s car was pounded with snow on the way to the WVU Coliseum, causing her to miss her opportunity. “I was so devastated,” she told Inside Edition. “I tried so hard to get there. I actually parked my car and tried to run in the snow and ice.”

Someone in the crowd then remembered that former American Idol contestant turned West Virginia policeman, Carlton Smith, was in the attendance working security.

“They were like: ‘Hey, we need a favor. Can you sing the anthem?’ I said, ‘how long do I have?’ They said ‘about five minutes,’” Smith told Inside Edition.

“Any chance I get to do the national anthem is always a big deal to me. I was just basically hoping I didn’t mess it up too much,” he said.

Well, he didn’t mess up and he left the entire building covered in goosebumps…

via BroBible