A Woman Got Naked And Punched A Bunch Of People At A Georgia Waffle House

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Look, we’ve all been there.

A few too many 12 whiskeys, you end up at a late-night food joint, getting naked and aggressive. A Georgia woman took it to another level, going totally batshit insane, for all of our entertainment.

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According to WXIA:

A witness said that Nicholson began to walk around the restaurant preaching to customers. According to the female witness, Nicholson followed her outside and back inside the restaurant. When the woman told Nicholson to leave her alone, she said Nicholson punched her in nose, chest and twice on her arm. Nicholson then allegedly threw a plate at the woman, missing her and striking a window.

Another man told police that Nicholson stopped him when he tried to leave the restaurant by wrapping her arms around him “like a bear hug.” The man said he pushed Nicholson away so that he could leave the restaurant.

It’s not exactly clear as to when Nicholson took off her clothes, but by the time police arrived at 10:30 p.m., they said they saw “a naked woman on her knees blocking a man inside his booth.”

At that point, the woman then allegedly threw began throwing plates at the officers while screaming incoherently.

One officer fired a Taser twice at Nicholson, striking her once. The Taser’s probe then came loose, and Nicholson then allegedly lunged at the other officer. A brief struggle ensued, during which an officer suffered a scratch to his face.

Here’s the mugshot. She looks like a real straight shooter to me, I dunno…

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