Randy Rogers Band – “Nothing Shines Like Neon” Is The Authentic Country Album You’ve Been Begging For

In today’s whirlwind of country music, careers are short, studio sessions are long and recording the next big single is everyone’s target. It’s often a difficult process to find an artist that can stay true to themselves, make a complete album, and have a career last 15 years. Randy Rogers Band is exactly that.

“I still listen to Merle Haggard every night on the bus and we listen to a big variety, but every show, good or bad, Merle Haggard always helps.” So on this album, every song we chose to record sounds like one of our influences or someone that we grew up listening to. It was time to make that record”


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As Randy Rogers Bands’ first independent record, Nothing Shines Like Neon, is also the band’s first collection of work produced by legendary producer Buddy Cannon, (Merle/Willie/Jamey Johnson) featuring collaborations with Alison Krauss, Jamey Johnson and Jerry Jeff Walker.

“Anytime you work with someone new you find out new ways to do things in the studio. Buddy definitely broadened our horizons in the studio and Alison’s voice is just gorgeous. My voice is raspy and not gorgeous, so hearing her singing with me was a dream come true. If you would’ve told me that 10 years ago, I would’ve called you crazy.”

The album is 11 songs of the no bullshit, real life, storytelling that country music used to be famous for. From track one, through eleven, Nothing Shines Like Neon, is as complete an album as there is in music right now. Love and loss, good times and the bad times, Randy Rogers covers it all with unbridled honesty and passion.

Great records tell the truth. Randy Rogers Band have built their career on it and Nothing Shines Like Neon is just another inspired part of that legacy. With a veteran presence, classic country grit and songwriting aimed straight at the heart, this album is everything country music has been begging for. 2016 is the year of country music revival and with an album like this, Randy Rogers Band is leading the charge. I can sum it up with 3 words.

Real. Country. Music.

Standout Tracks:

Rain And The Radio

Tequila Eyes

Neon Blues

Things I Need To Quit

Meet Me Tonight

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