You Heard It Here First: Jordan Gray Is A Country Music Superstar In The Making

Introducing Jordan Gray. 

After listening to Jordan’s debut EP, West Of The Pines, my first thought was that this guy has shades of Sam Hunt in his music. Like country music geniuses Chase Bryant and Hunter Hayes, Jordan also wrote, produced, engineered and played every instrument on each track of the new EP.

Originally from a small town called Lamar SC, he played in his first band at 15 and has played many different styles of music, in fact, mostly in the church realm. He even led the music program for one of the largest churches in the country.

“My passion is to take music to cities and towns, sharing hope, love and encouragement. Music is my passion, but showing people love and care is my business. Whether that be a smile, a conversation, or a song, I want people to see the joy in what I do and leave with that same joy. Happiness comes from first making the choice to be happy. Through my life and my music, I want to be the person that helps others make that choice.”

One thing is clear. Jordan Gray is going to be a name you want on your radar. You heard it here first.

Check out Jordan’s West Of The Pines sampler video for a little taste of the EP.

Download West Of The Pines EP on iTunes

Visit Jordan Gray’s Website

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