Wheeler Walker Jr: “I Couldn’t Finish A Sam Hunt Song Without Puking On My D***”

When I say there is nobody like Wheeler Walker, Jr. I mean NOBODY. There has never been, and there will never be another.

His music is vulgar, offensive to some, and country as dirt. The latest EP titled Fuck You Bitch got everyone talking, including Rolling Stone. The Kentucky native busted his head around Nashville for years, getting kicked to the side for his firm stance on a particular type of songwriting: honest, real, and filled with some vulgarity.

His full album, Redneck Shit, comes out February 12th. Pre-order that baby right here. Produced by the great Dave Cobb (who’s produced Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Jamey Johnson & Wheeler’s old pal Sturgill Simpson) and backed up by a crack band of Nashville’s finest players, this is what country music is supposed to be according to WW Jr.

I asked Wheeler how he would describe the new album and he told me “it’s more country than any of that dog shit on the radio.” He elaborated on the state of music telling me “basically everyone in the music business is a fucking asshole.” He went on to explain that he was “sick of censoring, so fuck it, I’ll pay for it myself. Country music radio is a total shit show.”

“I sing like I talk. NWA language, that’s real country,” Wheeler told me. “Once people hear it, they will relate and love it. People are dying for this kind of music. It’s a fucking killer record. You and I both know it’s the best fucking country record of the year.”

We talked a little about producer Dave Cobb and Chris Stapleton…

“Dave Cobb is the best. Called him up, and he wanted to do it. He made a great record. The guys that played on my album played with Sturgill and Waylon. Their the best guys in town.”

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“I always like Chris Stapleton. I’m happy for him, but Justin Timberlake ain’t gonna be standing next to me any time soon, I can tell you that. It was a great record, but we should spend less time praising real music like Stapleton and more time yelling at the other fucks for sucking so much shit.”

I asked Wheeler what he thought of this year’s CMA Awards and he told me, “Stapleton was good, that was like 5 min, so it was still 2 hours and 55 minutes of total dog shit. Who wants to listen to crappy techno country dog shit?”

I had to ask him about the fastest rising star in country, and one of the fastest rising in all of music, Sam Hunt.

“I got through about one Sam Hunt song before I almost threw up on my dick it was so bad. I can’t listen to that.”

Remember me telling you Wheeler doesn’t hold anything back? Well I meant it. The guy has no filter, at all. He did tell me who he really respected, “My favorite guy right now is Sturgill Simpson. He plays big fucking places, and he’s never played on the radio.”

I’ll let WW Jr. close this out…

“I saw this shit about buying me a boat? What the fuck is this? I want emotion, not some asshole singing about buying a boat. I’m singing about real shit. Love, life, loss. But the clean stuff about trucks and going swimming gets played. I wanna kick all their fuckin’ asses. Everyone in the music business.”

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Hear Wheeler Walker Jr.’s crazy catchy new song below. There is some cartoon cleavage, and some NSFW language, obviously.

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