9 Life Lessons Kip Moore’s Music Has Taught Us

By now you know Whiskey Riff is a big supporter of Kip Moore.

It’s his grit, his honesty, passion, and dedication that comes through in his music as naturally as anybody I’ve ever listened to.

On a recent flight to New York City I listened to Kip Moore’s two albums for the billionth time – for whatever reason, this time was different. I was present, I listened closer than I ever did before and I realized how lucky we were to have these two pieces of art to enjoy.

Kip’s music talks to your soul – here are 9 lessons it teaches.


9. Beer tastes better after hard work.

Kip spoke to the hard working, Friday night beer drinker, in us all with songs like “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck” and “Beer Money.” Don’t be afraid to cut loose, and work your ass off – it makes that beer taste that much better.

8. Don’t point fingers.

Unless it’s at yourself.

If you fuck up – don’t point the finger at others. Look in the mirror, be a real man or lady, and accept the fact you may have messed up. Take the initiative and realize it’s you that may the reason things aren’t going the way you want, not the people around you.

7. You better have the right one by your side.

“Hey Pretty Girl” is one of the greatest story-telling love songs of our generation.

Life’s a long and winding ride // Better have the right one by your side

6. Backseats are good.

The wild days were the good days. You get older, get more money, become wiser, but that backseat will always be burned into your mind. The fire there was real, young, and something you never quite feel again.


5. Loving isn’t easy.

Not every relationship is going to work (“Running For You”), but that doesn’t mean that person doesn’t hold a significant part of your life, forever. When love does work, “Complicated” can be a good thing.

4. Going crazy can be a good thing.

There’s always the one person that drives you crazy, in a good way. Maybe it didn’t work out, but going crazy one more time can reignite a spark, even if for one night. It’s good for the soul.

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3. It’s good to be different.

We’re the “Wild Ones.”

The wildcats. We’re the fighters. The midnight up-all-nighters.

Don’t follow.

2. Be yourself – always.

Everybody knows I like whiskey // Preferably from Tennessee // But if you hand me an ice cold beer // Or some red wine, or some moonshine // Or one of them fruity drinks // Hell, that’s alright with me

Embrace you. Do what you do, and do it confidently.

1. Never give up.

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