Whiskey Riff’s 11 Artists To Look Out For In 2016

You know Whiskey Riff is all about the up-and-coming artists.

We pride ourselves on giving exposure to good music, regardless of how long that artist has been in the public eye. This was a special year, filled with so much talent. Coming up with this list wasn’t easy, as there are so many worthy candidates. We looked at a bunch of factors when determining the list.

Songwriting, performing, chatter in the country music community, passion of fans, and the list goes on. These 11 artists, are just that, artists – in every sense of the word. There are big things on the horizon for them.

11. Smithfield

Trey and Jennifer of Smithfield were made to sing together. Their harmonies and chemistry are on another level.


10. Two Story Road

The duo worked with Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan) on their debut EP, which was released in December. Their lead song “Arson” brings country music back to its story telling roots.


9. Stevie Monce

Stevie has that grit we love so much. The passion comes through in his music. He just spent the past few months opening for Love and Theft, bringing his energy and emotion to the stage night after night.


8. Adam Sanders

Sanders has made his mark as a songwriter, and now gets to showcase his talent on stage and behind the mic. His new song “Thunder” is pure raw emotion.


7. Aaron Parker

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Aaron a couple months back (check it out). The guy has it all. He’s the perfect combo of old school and new school – it’s completely refreshing.


6. William Michael Morgan

A throwback that has fit into to country music’s new landscape seamlessly. His single, “I Met A Girl,” has drawn comparisons to George Strait – no big deal, right?


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5. American Young

There are so many talented new duos out there, and few stand out like American Young. The style and sound is so new, and it pulls you in, not letting go.

4. Carter Winter

Carter is everything that’s great about country music. It’s not about a “look.” It’s about an honesty, the skill with the pen, the voice, the performance. Carter is the total package, and we couldn’t be more excited about his future.


3. Brooke Eden

Brooke Eden can SING. Her new single, “Daddy’s Money,” is a blue collar anthem so many people can get behind (read our review). Aside from being super talented, Brooke is a total sweetheart, and a person that’s gonna have boatloads of success because of how her music connects with us on an emotional level.


2. Ryan Hurd

Ryan is that “it” factor guy. He just has it. We were fortunate enough to see Ryan perform a couple times this month and all we could say was “wow.” His songwriting is top notch, and his stage presence is unmatched. Can’t wait to see where 2016 takes him.


1. Maren Morris

Every so often an artist comes along that stops you in your tracks. The lyrics, the sound, the voice, the vibe – everything. Maren is that artist.


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