Brooke Eden’s New Single, “Daddy’s Money,” Is A Rocking Blue Collar Anthem Of Hard Work

Brooke Eden’s badass new single, “Daddy’s Money,” is all the motivation you’ll ever need to chase your dreams. 

If you’re not familiar with Brooke, check out our most recent interview with her for some background on one of the hottest new female stars in country music.


“Daddy’s Money” is something I deal with on a day-to-day basis living on the Northside of Chicago. Brooke is talking about something different. Not having it.

A blue collar anthem of hard work and perseverance, “Daddy’s Money,” speaks to the go-getter, the dreamer and the person willing to bust their ass to achieve success without excuses. The lyrics, “No silver spoon, but the right attitude,” perfectly captures Brooke’s mantra of having nothing handed to you, but a proper mindset of getting after it. As two guys from blue collar families with a country music start-up, we are flying the “Daddy’s Money” flag high from the tops of the Whiskey Riff office.

It’s rocking guitar licks and Brooke’s power vocals combine for an “in your face” song with a gutsy message. It’s really simple. Work hard, stop complaining, make your own luck and you can do anything. It’s badass, empowering and just what country music needs.

We support that 100%

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