6 Ways To Convert Your Friends Who Think They Hate Country Music

Quick backstory…

When I moved to Chicago to attend college I didn’t know one country fan. It was rough. After about a year of brainwashing my new girlfriend into enjoying country music, I met Wes. We became great friends because of the music, and as time went on, began converting our non-country friends way before Whiskey Riff was ever born.

Now, the traditionalists out there need to understand you can’t hit a country fan over the head with throwbacks. You need to ease them in with songs that appeal to the general population, then, when they least expect it you go for the jugular.

To convert the non-country friend, family member, significant other, follow these steps…

Catchy is King.

Look, you can’t play them “He Stopped Loving Her Today” out of the gate. Start with “Chicken Fried,” after you’ve liquored them up a bit. Study their movements, body language, demeanor, and call them out if they seem to be enjoying it. You should get a confession.

Play something with force, like Turnpike Troubadours.

You need something with some serious giddy up. None of this cheesy “country” from tall hair bro-country vanilla dudes. Real bands, that play real music. Music that can have you partying or…depressed. Turnpike is a great bet, as is Whiskey Myers.

Trust us.

Take them to a rowdy live show.

I’m talking Kip Moore, Eric Church, Dierks, etc. It will be impossible for them to not have fun.

Whenever you’re in a cab, have the driver put it on a country station.

You have to take advantage of all the times you have to play the music – a cab is a great time, they will have nowhere to run.

Play Eric Church. A lot.

Church is one of those guys with fans from all genres. He seems to attract quite the mix – rock, hipster, country, and everything in between. If they love good music, they will come around thanks to Church.

Take them to a country festival.

The drinking. The partying. The music. Being outdoors. If you want to give them the full experience, take them to a 3-day event. This should be the final trick to getting them to admit that yea, they are starting to come around.

Whiskey Riff is the most entertaining country site…ever.