17 Ways You Know You’re A Kip Moore Fanatic

If you know Whiskey Riff, you know how highly we think of Kip Moore.

Kip has some of the most passionate fans we’ve seen. They fight for him and his music like he’s family. I started thinking about what made these fans stand out.

Here are 17 ways you know you’re a Kip Moore fanatic.

17. Some of your favorite songs have yet to be on an album.

16. You follow his fan pages like @KipNSlowHearts religiously.

15. You’ve argued with someone who said they weren’t a fan of his.

14. You get VERY upset about Kip not being nominated on the major awards shows.

13. The wait for the Wild Ones album was legit one of the hardest things of your life.


12. You never skip a song on either of his first two albums.

11. You listen to his music when you’re happy, sad, partying and everything in between.

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10. You’d go way out of your way to see Kip in concert.

9. You’ve suddenly become a big fan of Evan Williams.


8. His music has brought you to tears.

7. His music has given you an incredible appreciation for song writing.

6. You’re in love with his band.


5. You’ve seen Kip live more than any other artist.

4. Kip’s “tell it like it is” attitude is one you share.

3. “Hey Pretty Girl” just might be your wedding song.

2. You were a fan way before “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck”

1. This was your reaction when you saw Kip for the first time.


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