7 Types Of People You’ll Meet On Black Friday

Black Friday brings out people from all over.

If you aren’t into the shopping scene, but you are into people watching, I’d suggest hitting up the local retail stores on Black Friday just for fun. You’ll get a kick out of the kind of people you’ll run into like…

1. The Schemer

This is the person with the to-do list in hand. They know exactly which items they want and where to get them. Nobody is getting in this person’s way. It’s not a fun day out shopping for them, they mean business.

black friday1

2. The Exhausted Children

These are the children of the parents who needed to get to that buy 2 get 1 free sale but didn’t want to bother with a babysitter. The kids are way past done after the first 30 minutes.

3. The Happy Shoppers

These are the people out shopping just for the experience. They grab their coffee in the morning and hit the shops. They are the people-watchers and the few people you’ll see actually smiling through the mobs.

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4. The Hoarder

This person doesn’t let a deal pass. They spend way too much money, but they are on a “can’t stop, won’t stop” mission. They love the rush of the shopping experience and money spending.


5. The Holder

Whether it be the husband, boyfriend, or friend who tags along but didn’t really want to- this is the dedicated coat and bag holder. Their job is to hold the other shoppers stuff while they get all the deals. Every now and then they get the occasional chance to provide some input.


6. The Sad, Drained Employees

Especially on Black Friday, these workers are not making nearly as much as they deserve. They have to put up with all of the crazy customers and try to keep the store in one piece. They are way too busy and exhausted from the long day and repetitive customer questions and complaints.

7. The Dedicated Group

Family, friends, mother/daughter duo- these are the ones in matching t-shirts wearing a Santa hat. They’ve planned where they are going and which member is in charge of getting what item. It’s a fun experience for them and it’s become a family tradition.


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