Brooke Eden Talks Women’s Country, Her New Single & Her Untouchable “Onesie” Game

Sitting at the front bar in our home away from home, Joe’s Bar in Chicago, we can hear rising country star, Brooke Eden, wrapping up her sound check in the next room. Brooke is really something special and you’ll know it within thirty seconds of meeting her. Her powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence are only rivaled by her incredible fashion sense.

Photo Cred: Joseph Llanes

Ironically enough, as we head up stairs to sit down and chat, Brooke greets us with hugs and a child’s princess skirt. “Gimme a second to change out of my princess skirt,” she says. Her and the band will be performing as Super Mario characters tonight, the night before Halloween.

Brooke is so approachable, so I immediately ask about her hilarious “onesie crew,” a picture I saw of her hitting up the Nashville bar scene in a onesie.

“It’s frickin’ cold in Nashville and I’m not used to it because I’m a Florida girl. Basically, anything under 65 is cold for me. If I can wear something that keeps me warm inside, I’m all about that. My friend hosted a onesie party at the bar, so we all dressed up in onesies and had fun.”

Brooke is gearing up her for her first radio tour to promote her new single, “Daddy’s Money.”

“We had 3 different singles cut, that we were looking at, but I’m just so close to the songs at this point that it’s so hard. I love all 3 of them.”

Ultimately, “Daddy’s Money,” is a straight to the point commentary on Brook Eden’s mantra: work hard, use what you have and never ever rely on someone else for your success. While the young singer has always had the support of her father and mother, she didn’t benefit from the parental pocketbook. In fact, as the daughter of a carpenter who moonlighted as a drummer in a country band, Brooke adopted the scrappy underdog mentality and stamped it all over her soulful and bluesy brand of country music.”

What is special about this radio tour is that it’s going to be an entirely new experience for Eden, who shared that this is actually her first time in Chicago, which led to a 10 minute segway about pizza and tourist attractions in both of our cities.

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“What’s really cool about what I am doing is that I haven’t really been to a lot of places in America, so I am going to be going to cities that I have literally never even heard of. I’ll be visiting fifteen cities in five days.”

Despite being named, a 2015 CMT “Next Women of Country,” one of Vogue’s “10 Country ‘It’ Girls,” PEOPLE’s “Seven New Country Acts You Should Check Out,” as well as “One to Watch in 2015” by both Country Weekly and Nashville Lifestyles, the climb for solo women in country music is been difficult in recent years.

“As recent as literally 3 years ago, the thought a female solo singer was never going to happen, but within the last year, I think that whole “tomato-gate” thing helped us,” says Eden. “People just consume what they are given so I think that just opened up the whole talking point of, wow there really isn’t any female vocalists on the radio & we want that back.”

However, Brooke thinks that the landscape in Nashville is changing.

“Everyone in Nashville, and a lot of the girls, are really supportive of each other now. Of course, it’s something that is at the top of everyone’s brains, but people are now more sensitive to it and just more aware of it, which is better I think.”

Nashville is city full of, both guys and girls that are simply “American Dreamin,” however it’s obvious that Brooke Eden is well on her way to making that dream a reality.

Be sure to check out Brooke’s website for more information, and be on the lookout for her new single, “Daddy’s Money.”

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