Homeless Veteran Brought To Tears In Video That Didn’t Need To Be Filmed

This is an amazing act of kindness, but one thing bothers me. The filming of it.

I have a news flash for everyone: a lot of those viral videos you see that get millions of views are fake. People come up with an idea, film it, enough people share it, and the video maker gets a hefty pay day from YouTube ads.

Now, would this guy filming ever do this if he couldn’t film it? I don’t know. It’s like he needs some self valuation. It doesn’t seem genuine (just read the YouTube comments – people tear the guy apart). However, what does seem genuine is the Vet and his appreciation. It’s heartbreaking to see what a free lunch means to him. The Vets need to be taken care of. You can do it without trying to make money on YouTube.


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