Donald Trump is Serving Fireball Shots, Jim Beam, Jager At His Rallies

Can you smell the cinnamon in the air?

It’s coming from Florida Georgia Line’s drink of choice, Fireball. Yes, Donald Trump is selling Fireball shots at his rallies, as you can see in the tweet below.

You could also get some Diet Miller, wine, Jager, Jim Beam, and plenty more all for 8 bucks a pop.

Call me crazy, but I don’t picture Trump kicking up his legs and relaxing with a nice Fireball on the rocks. Someone told him about Fireball’s main side effect – getting wild.

Fireball takes me from “everything sucks” to “I’m so happy right now, I need to scream” in the matter of 4 shots. So, based on the prices at a recent Illinois rally, you could get wrecked with some typical bar priced-booze.

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