Josh Abbott Band Gives A ‘Front Row Seat’ To Love’s Journey And Heartbreak

When you talk about an album telling a story, it doesn’t get much better than Josh Abbott Band’s Front Row Seat.

We’ve been living in the era of singles and quick hits, so to see something this unique, thought out, and raw is not only refreshing, it’s enlightening.


The band doesn’t shy away from anything with this album. Love, heartbreak, divorce, trying to move on. It’s all there. Front Row Seat is divided into five Acts, with each of these acts containing three songs. A concept that totally works with the theme of the album. It begins with the “Exposition,” an introduction of characters. Act two is the “Incitation,” which starts building the plot. Then there is “Intimacy,” where you see love in full blossom, followed by “Dissolution” of the relationship. Finally, there’s the “Dénouement,” which shows the characters trying to move on. It’s brilliant, and a “front row seat” to what Josh Abbott went through with his divorce. The ups and downs. It’s all right there.

For a long time, I’ve felt that Josh Abbott Band deserved more national attention. Why we have to create borders with Texas when it comes to country music can be frustrating. There’s a ton of great music coming from there. Real music. Gritty music. Music we need more of. JAB continues to deliver this type of music.

The most impressive feat this album was able to accomplish is the roller coaster of emotions we all go through with love and heartbreak portrayed into a “play,” which lends itself perfectly to a storyteller album. If your heart is broken, or has been broken, it will take you somewhere. You may feel the pain again. Start questioning again. You might even feel that love again. Have a Front Row Seat and see where it takes you.


Standout Tracks

Wasn’t That Drunk (with Carly Pearce)

Live It While You Got It

This Isn’t Easy (Her Song)


Get the album.

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