Norwegians Have A Slang Word For Crazy That You’ll Never Believe

You can’t make this up people. Apparently, the folks up in Norway have a slang term for when an esomething is crazy (not used for a person though) and that word is Texas. Yeah, Texas. It sounds like they watch one too many westerns up there, but this is really a thing. Check out this post from a Norwegian blog.

– Det var helt texas    NRK Troms   Lokale nyheter  TV og radio

Translation: It was totally Texas!

The article goes on to quote some fisherman who saw a large swordfish and he said this:

“I heard a loud noise from the bay, but I did not know where it came from right away. Thirty seconds to a minute later it jumped out in the fjord. I got to see some of it before I took up the camera. It was totally texas!”

Ain’t that some sh*t.

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