6 Country Artists That Will Turn Your Beer Warm

The title of this post is strange, I know.

I was talking with a friend about the best LIVE shows I had ever seen. Eric Church came up. I was trying to explain how you become so locked in, captivated, that it feels like you don’t blink for the entire set. I said “your beer turns warm.” What I meant was simply that you become so enthralled in the performance, you forget about what’s going on around you – you even forget you’re holding a drink. Next thing you know, you haven’t taken a sip and that beer lost its chill.

The following six artists do just that. They captivate you. They make you not want to blink. That beer goes warm.

6. Brothers Osborne

Beer warming quality: the lyrics


5. Will Hoge

Beer warming quality: the grit


4. Brad Paisley

Beer warming quality: the guitar playing


3. Chris Stapleton

Beer warming quality: that voice


2. Kip Moore

Beer warming quality: the emotion


1. Eric Church

Beer warming quality: the energy



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