Watermelon Steak? I Didn’t Believe It Either…

I’ve seen some crazy food stuff, but how high was the guy that grilled watermelon for the first time? Grilled peaches I’ve had. Drizzle some melted Nutella on that and BOOM. She’ll want you to wife her.


Somehow, I stumbled across “watermelon steak” and headed to Wikipedia to find out WTF was going on. Here’s what they said:

Watermelon steaks are steak-shaped pieces of watermelon, often prepared by grilling. The steaks can also be cooked by pan frying, by baking, or by marination followed by roasting. Depending on the method used, cooking can take from a few minutes to over two hours. Some compare its texture to that of seared meat, while others describe its taste and texture as unique. It is called “watermelon steak” due to its appearance and texture.

If the steak is baked, a texture like raw fish can result, Boston Phoenix writer Robert Nadeau comparing a grilled watermelon to seared, raw tuna. He added that the flavor of the fruit “isn’t sweet, although it isn’t meaty either, but enough of the browning comes through to make it a little like a piece of meat.” When well cooked, most of the fruit’s water evaporates, concentrating flavor and texture while leaving the steak tender and juicy, “kind of like a fillet steak.”

Cookbooks sometimes suggest watermelon steak as a meat substitute for vegetarians. Boston-area chef Jeffrey P. Fournier describes watermelon steak as his signature dish.

Maybe a cow steak with a side of watermelon steak? Ya.

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