12 Storytelling Country Songs That Should Be Made Into Movies

Country music is all about storytelling.

It’s the stories in country music that attract many of us to it in the first place. Many of my favorite songs are the ones that can paint a picture in my mind. From a long lost summer romance to gun slinging outlaws in Mexico, country music has some of the best screen plays in Hollywood just waiting to be turned into feature films. Here are 12 of my favorites:

Keith Urban – Til Summer Comes Around

“The story of an amazing summer romance that must inevitably come to an end.”

Miranda Lambert – Gunpowder And Lead

“A woman scorned and the revenge she takes over an abusive ex-lover.”


Jamey Johnson – In Color

“Flashback movie featuring a curious grandson and a grandfather’s trip down a colorful memory lane.”

Garth Brooks – That Summer

“A confusing romance between and experienced older woman and the teenage boy hired to work for her.”

Frankie Ballard – Tip Jar

“A summer spent playing music in a beach bar and the love you can find in unexpected places.”

Eric Church – Lightning

“A repentant man on death row stares in the face of the electric chair.”

Toby Keith – Bullets In The Gun

“A modern day Bonnie and Clyde story of two outlaws living on love and borrowed time.”

Brett Eldredge – Raymond

“A feel-good Lifetime movie event about the special bond between an old woman and the janitor that befriends her.”

Blake Shelton – Ol’ Red

“Love sent a man to jail and love got him out.”

Blake Shelton Ol Red Official Video YouTube

Kip Moore – That Was Us

“A coming of age tale about those ride-or-die friends you grow up with.”

Brad Paisley – Whiskey Lullaby

“A heartbreaking tragedy about love and loss and paying the ultimate price for it.”

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