21 Of The Best Tweets About Kip Moore’s Album, ‘Wild Ones’

I’ve still got Wild Ones on repeat. Best album of the year, to me. I decided to do a little Twitter search to see what people have been saying about the album after having it for a few weeks. Here were some of the standout Tweets…


21. Shout out to @KipMooreMusic for the first album in years that I listen to constantly & never ever ever skip a single track ???? #WildOnes

20. Sitting under shade tree w/ my wife listening to @KipMooreMusic #wildones album. Life can’t get better at this moment

19. Pretty sure @KipMooreMusic ‘s new album is the best thing I’ve ever bought ? #repeatfordays

18. One does not simply listen to @KipMooreMusic , you FEEL it? #UpAllNight #WildOnes #MusicSoothesMySoul

17. @KipMooreMusic I’m just now listening to the #wildones album and I will have to say it’s the best country album I’ve listened to all year.

16. Drove dirt roads for the first time tonight @KipMooreMusic while listening to #wildones with a boy by my side. I finally get it.

15. @KipMooreMusic purchased another copy of #wildones … Nothing like the gift of ?? . The gift that keeps giving ?

14. just so you know I do a Luke Bryan body roll to Lipstick #wildones

13. Fuck me Kip Moore’s Wild Ones is good.

12. Fuck yeah it’s the weekend! Ol’ Kip got me feeling some type of way. #WildOnes

11. Holy biscuits these new @KipMooreMusic album is a dandy, still waiting to find a song that isn’t a #jam

10. Do yourselves a favor and go buy @KipMooreMusic ‘s new album Wild Ones! It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard! ❤️

9. every time I listen to the #WildOnes album I get more and more obsessed ?? @KipMooreMusic

8. Somehow I don’t mind this Monday morning traffic when I can listen to all of Kip Moore’s #wildones

7. “That Was Us” by Kip Moore, one of the best country songs I’ve heard in a looong time

6. I’m thankful for modern technology because I would’ve already worn out the #WildOnes album by @KipMooreMusic

5. Seriously… My new love is @KipMooreMusic your new album is amazing! #wildones #comeandgetit ❤️??

4. @KipMooreMusic new album is life.

3. The best album (as a whole) that I’ve ever heard. People need to start listening to complete albums. @KipMooreMusic

2. @KipMooreMusic new album is straight ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1. Kip Moore is special. And amazing. #WildOnes

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to pick up Kip’s album, Wild Ones, right here. Best money you ever spent.

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